Coro & Corocraft

Coro was one of the largest costume jewelry maker in the world and I think if you collect vintage jewelry you probably have in your collection some of their pieces. Over the years they were signed Coro or Corocraft. If you want to read about the company there is in Carla & Roberto Brunialti’s book ” American Costume Jewelry” a very detailed description of the history of Coro.
The most valuable piece I have is the “Pheasant”, made by Coro in 1944. Was designed by Adolh Katz. The piece is in sterling with lucite and rhinestones. Patent no. 138 957. It is what was called “Jelly Belly”. Not in perfect condition.
See also the other pieces I kept in my collection in the last few years. I have no criteria when i decide what to keep for the collection. Some nicer pieces I could decide to let go, or other I keep.


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